The Third Quarter Summary meeting “IT’S GONNA BE A LONG HARD ROAD, BUT WE’LL MAKE IT”


How time flies, the third quarter summary conference of Pangs Chem was held in October, the meeting was divided into four modules: Introduction of New Employees, The achieved goals in September , Speech by department managers, and a summation from Mr. Pang.




Introduction of New Employees 

In the third quarter, the purchasing department and sales departments were supplemented: Liu Xiaolin of the purchasing department, Elena of the second sales department, Max of the second sales department, Malina of the third sales department, Ester of the third sales department, Claire of the fourth sales department, and Amber of the seventh sales department.


The Achieved Goals in September

A total of 17 teams and one sales department completed the goals and received the target bonus.


Speech by Department Managers


Eduardo, Manager of the first sales department


The situation of achieving sales objectives by team members is optimistic, and the growth rate of the new members is with support and love from old members, In the meatime, it gives the team leader auxiliary help and confidence, and focus on the selection and distribution of new team members. For the next objective: we’ll focus on the implementation of people recognition, education, standards and goals.


Daniel, manager of the second sales department


In terms of corporate policy management, punishment is a tool, not purpose, and how to survive among your competitors is our final goal. We should stay pain and stress. Team members embark on the fast track of development, which forms a strong support for the future development of our department. Our next objective: To focus on ensuring the monthly sales match up with cash flowBalance the foreign exchange earnings to avoid risks.


JUSTIN, manager of the third sales department


The department's operation ability and the growth ability of team members have increased sharply, but there are also some problems such as insufficient innovation ability and poor risk prevention awareness. Our next objective: planning to strictly implement the work process, controling the risks, boosting sales, running team strictly, helping newcomers to grow rapidly, developing new products in new markets and recruiting talents.


Lris, manager of the fourth sales department


The overall profit and sales of the division showed an increasing trend and gradually developed well. Due to the change of department personnel, we face some problems such as with less people but more money, too much pressure bear by old members, and few new customers and product types. Our future goal is to cultivate new members to make a contribution for our department, and develop new products, new markets and new customers, and so on.

 Arron, manager of the fifth sales department


Thanks to the market environment, the department's indicators have increased significantly compared with last year, the team members are fully integrated into the department and gradually on the right track, and the team activities have enhanced the internal harmonious atmosphere. However, the team building of our department is relatively slow, the new customers are insufficient, and other problems need to be improved. Innovation and confidence are the key to solving the problems. At the same time, team building and business model innovation work will be added to our future work plan.


Leonard, manager of the sixth sales department


Although the department's settlement situation is not as good as that of several other sales departments, the development situation is still optimistic, like a rising star, and the momentum is generally upward. In the next quarter, we will focus on achieving monthly sales targets, controlling orders, and mitigating risks.


Wang Dongjuan , Manager of Financial Department


We sort out the company's funds and indicators of all departments in the third quarter, and remind each department of talent allocation and invoices.


River , Manager of Purchasing Department


The company's supply chain is generally stable, and the main products are growing. Smooth cooperation between major suppliers. At the same time, the department team is growing. Detailed management of follow-up work contracts and processes; Improve the professionalism of the team and research the market, strategic procurement and other work plans.


Mr. Pang’s summation


Mr. Pang concluded that the company's outstanding talents need to learn from each other the way of educating, maintaining pain all the time, and refusing to be loserIn the end, I hope that everyone can find their own value and make a development in Pangs Chem.