Twenty-one Years of Inspiring the First Heart, Excelling And Starting A New Journey----Jiangsu and Zhejiang Branch


Reunion Successfully Concluded


Gather together to create the future


On September 22nd Pang Group Ningbo, Hangzhou and Nanjing branches got together and participated in the highly anticipated team building activities


Name Pyramid


We're going to use name overlays to get to know each other better.

At the beginning of the program, everyone assembled quickly.

We'll discuss team names and slogans and make flags.

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The team took shape.

Relaxed game atmosphere quickly draws members closer, promotes understanding and remembers each other.


Playing in the Jianghu

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Playing in the Jianghu adopts a small program approach

Utilizing the technology of AR and AI

Realize the integration of online and offline space

Virtual and real intertwined

Start an immersive treasure hunting journey

Claim Territory and Unlock Quest Maps

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Unlock Quests and Land Auction Maps

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In a game combining modern technology

New and old members of the team are in constant collision and fusion of ideas

Running from point to point to seize the territory

It is a test of both intelligence and physical strength

Quickly mastering and applying the rules

Mutual cooperation and Negotiation skills

The game between different teams

Fully demonstrate the flexibility and adaptability of Pangs people

The spirit of always exploring and innovation


Dryland Curling

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Dryland curling is the land-based version of curling

It is an innovative sport in the development of snow and ice sports

Tests teamwork and strategic skills

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The charm of curling lies in every delivery

Each throw contains unexpected variables

Each player's play has a significant impact

It's not a sure thing until the ends


Just like Pangs’ core value of synergy and sharing

Preparing for danger in safe times

Seize every opportunity and work together

There's always a chance of turning against the wind

Walking the same road, fighting the same battle

A group of people, a road, a heart, grow together

Twenty-one Years of Inspiring the First Heart, Excelling And Starting A New Journey!

Sail for 2023, build dreams and create splendor again!