【Integration of Resources for Mutual Benefits】 -PANGS Chemical Group and Hefei Teachers College Foreign Language Institute officially signed a contract.


On October 9, 2023, a special meeting and signing ceremony for school-enterprise cooperation between PANGS Chemical Group and College of Foreign Languages of Hefei Normal University was successfully held in Room 1002, Zhixing Building, Jinxiu Campus of Hefei Normal University.

Pang Bin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, Zhu Lingyi, Director of the Group, Ma Simin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Foreign Languages, Li Kesheng, President of the College, Yang Na, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Wu Lijing, Vice President of the College, Zhang Zhao, Head of the Department of Spanish, and Cao Yanli, Discipline Inspection Committee Member of the Party Branch of the Department of Spanish, were present at the signing ceremony.


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At the meeting, Secretary Ma expressed his warm welcome to the visit of PANGS Chemical Group, and then briefly elaborated on the development of the college and the training of students' qualification, and pointed out that he hoped that through this cooperation, the group could open relevant courses in the college for teaching, and let the students visit and study in the enterprises, so that they could have a deeper understanding of the industry knowledge; and the college side would actively cooperate with it, adjust the teaching mode, and strengthen the cultivation of the students' professional ability and the quality of foreign trade.

Chairman Pang Bin mentioned in his speech that PANGS Chemical Group has 21 years of management experience and management concepts that keep pace with the times. In the context of knowledge-based economy, with the continuous development of the Group's business, we need to establish a high-quality, high-level team in further developing overseas markets. At present, the Group is cooperating with various excellent colleges and universities in the hope of attracting more and more excellent talents in foreign trade and foreign languages, so as to prepare for the further development of the Group.

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In the spirit of "integrating resources, giving full play to advantages, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation, and sustainable development", PANGS Chemical Group and the College of Foreign Languages reached an agreement: to establish a practice base for the students of the College, and to build a bridge for the students who are willing to contact with the Group for internship directly.

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Pang Bin, Chairman of the Group, and Ma Simin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Foreign Languages, signed the cooperation agreement.

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On the day of the signing ceremony, Chairman Pang Bin was invited to give a knowledge lecture to the students of the College of Foreign Languages. Chinese traditional culture is rich in philosophical thinking and humanistic spirit, Pang combines Chinese traditional wisdom with foreign trade industry, presenting a new perspective and ideas, so that the students present in the wisdom, in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the charm and challenges of the foreign trade industry. In the Q&A session, students actively asked questions and Pang Dong patiently answered them, the atmosphere was warm and cordial, which contributed to the successful conclusion of the activity.

The successful completion of this signing ceremony will further accelerate the pace of cooperation between the university and the enterprise in the field of talent training, professional co-construction and other areas, so that both sides can achieve a win-win situation on the road of future cooperation and development.