Pangs holds April pit meeting



Cases Study/Learning

The first Case 

Salesperson: Sunny from First Business Division

Event Description: Due to the rapid rise in product prices, the signed orders could not be fulfilled. Moreover, due to the epidemic, the price of product soared again and the delivery was extended, which finally offended the client.

How to avoid: To combine product price trend with customer needs, and to arrange shipment in time

The second Case

Salesperson: Eduardo from First Business Division

Event Description: The credit line of the client who was cooperating a lot was suddenly revoked, resulting in no credit guarantee for the shipped goods. Unfortunately, the client only paid 30,000 US dollars in batches after a long wait. And the trade entered the claim until the client went bankrupt and liquidated. Finally, the credit guarantee was closed, and the case came to an end.

How to avoid: To obey the game rules strictly and to keep the bottom line of credit guarantee when shipping  large orders in batches, to control risks 

During the discussion, everyone attending meeting participated enthusiastically, the new staff were full of curiosity and exploration, and the senior ones also answered their questions wholeheartedly. With the lessons learned from these cases, we can effectively help new staff to prevent from being overwhelmed when they encounter similar problems, and accelerate the pace of growth! To Get better and better!