[Think and Act Together, Gather Potential and Empower] PANGS CHEM’S September sharing session brought to a successful conclusion.


On Sep 19th, Pangs Chem Group held September sharing session. This session focused on business cases and product knowledge, to effectively help employees master work skills and product knowledge faster and work better.

Business case sharing

 Yang Zhengneng, Export Sales Department No. 4

Yang Zhengneng cleverly introduced the topic "Why customers give up factories and choose traders ?". Analyzing the advantages by comparing traders with factories from five aspects: language, service, payment terms, market insight and team capabilities, which creates favorable conditions for winning orders. He also classified the factory's customers based on purchase volume, and illustrate in his own cases to: how to judge the customer's qualifications from the characteristics of different customers, and formulate corresponding plans to win the order. His clear logistics and rich experience make listeners benefit a lot.


Business case sharing


Wu Jianxiong, Export Sales Department No. 6

Wu Jianxiong shared three product cases: Melamine, Neopentyl Glycol and Dicyclopentadiene. He used his own real experience to tell how to deal with the emergency issue on palletizing in details. The valuable experience accumulated in the industry was shared by humor way.

Product knowledge sharing
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Tan Shan, Purchasing Department

From the product basic knowledge, main suppliers and package, Tan Shan introduced the products: glucose monohydrate, anhydrous glucose, caustic soda flake and pearl. She also used existing data to analyze their price trends. Therefore, everyone can be familiar with these products and learn their price fluctuations meanwhile, to do better on business.

Nowadays, society is developing rapidly and the market economy is constantly changing. No matter what industry you are engaged in, you need to continue to learn and keep innovating. Only by constantly improving yourself can you go further and longer.